Saturday, September 21, 2013

NCAA Picks for Week 4 (9/21/13)

Gonna be just making a quick post here with my NCAA picks for Saturday (Week 4 of the season). I'll put a few thoughts here and there but seeing a show no one is going to be reading this right now I'm mostly just getting these down to get them down for a future compilation/record of my accuracy. My picks are bolded.

North Texas @ Goergia -32.5
I've got North Texas taking this one. There is no chance they win it but I'm confident enough in them covering the spread that I'm willing to run with them this week.

Tennessee @ Florida -16.5
I'll admit this is the one I'm flakiest about. I'm banking on the Florida offense not being nearly as wishy washy as they have been recently. I'm hoping the bye week did them well and they're comin into this game fresh and with a desire to score.

Purdue @ Wisconsin -23.5

Michigan State @ Notre Dame -4.5

Utah State @ Southern California -7.0

Arizona State @ Stanford -7.0

Southern Methodist @ Texas A & M -28.5
This is my darkhorse pick of the week. I've got a very bad SMU covering the spread against Texas. I'm hoping that Texas comes into this game resting some of its big guns with no desire to absolutely blow out their opponents due to the relationship both coaches have with each other.

Auburn @ LSU -17.5

Michigan  -18.0 @ Connecticut

Kansas State @ Texas -6.0

New Direction

This blog has gone through a number of format and content changes the last of which involved publishing for the most part a quote + a picture. It was fun for a bit and seemed to be a 'new trend' but failed to hold my attention because at the end of the day there was no substance there. I wasn't producing anything, I wasn't writting anything, I wasn't creating anything. The redunduncy of that last sentence aside I'm looking to put all the the time I spend researching sports to use. Be it for my Fantasy Football team, own interest or sports betting the number of hours I spend reading about sports easily dwarfs the amount of time I spend watching it which is an odd thing to think about.

The focus here for the next little while at least is going to be solely on Football (NFL with a smattering of NCAA from time to time). This is 1) to allow me to focus in on something a little bit narrower than SPORTS as a whole and 2) to give me an outlet to ramble on about fantasy football or getting screwed out of my latest ticket because Pierre Garcon temporarily forgot how to catch a ball (still bitter about that...).