Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Direction

This blog has gone through a number of format and content changes the last of which involved publishing for the most part a quote + a picture. It was fun for a bit and seemed to be a 'new trend' but failed to hold my attention because at the end of the day there was no substance there. I wasn't producing anything, I wasn't writting anything, I wasn't creating anything. The redunduncy of that last sentence aside I'm looking to put all the the time I spend researching sports to use. Be it for my Fantasy Football team, own interest or sports betting the number of hours I spend reading about sports easily dwarfs the amount of time I spend watching it which is an odd thing to think about.

The focus here for the next little while at least is going to be solely on Football (NFL with a smattering of NCAA from time to time). This is 1) to allow me to focus in on something a little bit narrower than SPORTS as a whole and 2) to give me an outlet to ramble on about fantasy football or getting screwed out of my latest ticket because Pierre Garcon temporarily forgot how to catch a ball (still bitter about that...).


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